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Follow Your Dreams

  When I started Indy Women Physical Therapy almost 2 years ago my "why" was very help reach as many women that I could and educate about the issues they don't have to live with or accept. Some of these include incontinence, pelvic pain, painful sex and issues after cancer treatments, such as limited [...]

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C-Section Recovery 101 The Top 6 Things All Moms Should Know

I recently had one of my pregnant patients request that she schedule an appointment with me to get a “game plan” for what she should do after her baby is born via c-section. I thought how awesome to be so proactive wanting to learn how to make things easier from the get go once baby [...]

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5 Reasons Why You May Be Peeing Yourself

Contrary to popular belief leakage does not just occur to the Grannies in the world. Research says 1 in 2 women all ages have leakage including teenage girls, new Moms and not so new Moms, athletes and the menopausal crew. Some folks try to downplay it, or act like its normal because they “have had [...]

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How to Help Recover Your Post Baby Body Without Breaking a Sweat

      As a Physical Therapist I am used to giving advice on exercise, body mechanics and suggestions on injury prevention as part of my day to day. I have never thought too much on the importance of nutrition and what we eat as being an important part of the recovery process with my [...]

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Wait…What? You Passed Up My Vagina Booth For The Cheese Spread Guys??

Seriously ladies....we need to talk! It was my first big event this past weekend at the Indy Women Expo in Indianapolis. So excited to meet women and get the word out about pelvic floor dysfunction and the help that's available!  I had big visions of saving women, one vagina at a time, from all the secret [...]

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For You Runners Out There…If You Leak While Running…It’s a Red Flag

Running is great exercise. You can pretty much do it anytime, anywhere, super convenient! However there may be signs while your running that your body is trying to tell you something. If your pelvic floor muscles (aka the vaginal muscles) and surrounding muscles aren't working together like they should, you may notice symptoms such as... [...]

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Postpartum Power Up Revolution! Let’s Do This!

  Welcome to my first official blog! This first blog is dedicated to all the moms out there! I hope to make a real difference in your lives and hope you find the info empowering in order to make the right decisions for YOU in your health journey! With that being said…drum roll please…I am [...]

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