In addition to providing services in our private studio, we will also come to you at your home or office.

As a busy mom of two boys I totally understand the demands of life along with the extra challenges you may be facing. Maybe you just had a baby and the thought of attending therapy with your new baby and other young siblings seems impossible. You may be pregnant on bed rest and need some relief with your low back pain. Maybe you have lymphedema and would like to be bandaged before going to work after your morning shower. I have often thought about the many ways to make the lives of women a little easier during those times in life when they need a break the most! This is why I offer a concierge service in addition to the option of coming to the clinic. I will come to you and provide treatment in the privacy of your home or office. Depending on your location, the concierge fee starts at $50 in addition to the regular fee for service. The concierge fee is not something that can be reimbursed by insurance (in most cases). One good benefit of being seen at home if not just for convenience sake, is the opportunity to involve whatever family members are part of your care. We can teach lymphedema massage techniques that are specific for you, bandaging, regular massage/manual techniques, home exercise instruction and individualized body mechanics assessment based on your home or office set up. Please give me a call for further information on other ways the home setting may be of benefit for your recovery!