Seriously ladies….we need to talk!

It was my first big event this past weekend at the Indy Women Expo in Indianapolis. So excited to meet women and get the word out about pelvic floor dysfunction and the help that’s available!  I had big visions of saving women, one vagina at a time, from all the secret diagnoses women live with, incontinence, painful intercourse, pelvic pain, just to name a few.

I pictured women lining up at my booth for hours at a time to get info, wiping away a few tears from those so grateful to FINALLY find some help, and at some point running out of educational materials to hand out. After all, the stats say between 30% and 50% of women have pelvic floor dysfunction. What better place than a Women’s Expo to save a bunch of women from their pelvic floor woes?

Alas, I was outdone by the cheese spread guys. They were right across my booth and they were rocking the whole day.

I saw you ladies, passing by my booth, pausing, curiosity peaked, wanting to stop, but not sure about it. For those of you I did talk to thank you for spending some time with me! I know sharing this kind of info can be very difficult and I appreciate you trusting me with your stories!

The others seemed to be interested, but once the cheese spread booth came into their sights, all the pelvic floor woes and cares of the world seemed to vanish.

So it was a very enlightening experience for me. I kept thinking to myself, did I not have enough flashy materials to give out, was it just too personal info to share with a stranger, or was my ferocious vagina display just too intimidating for some…..

Would someone really want to sample the Smoking Jalapeno Chipotle Cheddar instead of learning ways to stop peeing themselves? It just boggled my mind. (By the way I had the Pepper Jack and it WAS delish!)

I came to the conclusion that topics like leakage and painful sex are still just too taboo for women to discuss openly. Many women are embarrassed and don’t even mention some of these topics to their doctor, much less a stranger especially in a public setting. In some cases women are told by doctors that issues such as leakage is normal, “well you’ve had babies, it comes with the territory” oh please! If I had a dollar for every time I heard THAT one from a patient, I could buy the whole damn cheese truck!

Women have just been programmed to keep their pelvic floor issues to themselves. For those that do seek help, sometimes it can take YEARS for them to get the right diagnosis and proper help. There is just no reason for this.

And No, Leakage is not an “old woman’s problem” despite the myth! 90% of the women I have seen over the years are between the age of 20 and 60, including young athletes.

We need to make issues that women suffer with in silence out in the open to discuss. No shame ladies!  I understand these are  hard concepts for women to discuss but the dialogue needs to be there. If you are leaking urine, it is not normal and will not go away by itself!  It is a sign that there is an imbalance in the body. If you have pelvic pain that goes undiagnosed without relief, see a women’ health PT and see if we can help!

Another thing I hear from patients all the time is “Why didn’t anyone ever tell me there is help available?” So important to get the word out! Let’s have each other’s backs ladies and discuss this with each other. Here is a website I gave out today to a few ladies who lived out of town. This website has a list of women health physical therapists based on cities and state-

👤 PT Locator

Finally, thank you to my cheese spread guys for being such good sports with my vagina (model that is)

Until later ladies 🙂