Camille is awesome! She listens, and customizes your treatment for you. I loved
working with her!

I just finished up physical therapy for diastasis recti with Camille, and I'm so glad I
chose to go to her. She is very knowledgeable with this issue and was able to
show me exercises on how to treat it. She would even go through my typical
routine at the gym to make sure I wasn’t doing any exercises to make it worse.
I’ve seen major improvements in my stomach muscles and look forward to getting
back into my normal exercise routine!

I have been working with Camille for a few months and I’m very glad I decided to
contact her. I’ve had a lot of pelvic floor and abdominal issues related to my seven
births, and she has been a tremendous help in addressing those issues. I now
have significantly less bladder leakage, and I am learning to activate muscles that I
have not been able to move for over ten years! I'm very pleased with the
improvements I’ve made under her guidance and I look forward to regaining more
strength as I continue to work with her.

Camille is not only extremely knowledgeable, but she is also compassionate,
patient, and encouraging. She makes me feel good about what I am doing, even if
I haven’t been able to exercise consistently since my last visit. Her positive
attitude has kept me from getting discouraged by plateaus in my progress. I also
appreciate that her location near

I highly recommend Camille and Indy Women Physical Therapy. There are
solutions to the women’s physical issues, and Camille can help you find what
works for you!

Camille is very knowledgeable about women specific health issues. I saw her five
times and she helped me immensely. I highly recommend her!

When I first started PT, I was in pain after walking a mile. Today I ran ten miles
and have plans to do a half marathon!

Just finished my first visit with Camille and was so pleased! I went in for post partum
abdominal strengthening/pelvic floor check. She took a lot of time to work with
me and diagnose my issues. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for
a safe and comfortable environment to re-strengthen their bodies after

Camille offers a safe environment for healing after pregnancy, even after having
birthed multiple children! I highly recommend her for all women!

I never thought that I would be able to have a normal sex life and after only 4
sessions with Camille I am well on my way to that. She’s awesome to work
with—had great exercises in our sessions, taught me exercises to do at home, and
the whole time made me feel comfortable and in control. I would highly
recommend Camille to ANYONE suffering from pelvic floor dysfunction.

Camille was very helpful to me! My treatment with her was a success, she helped
to make me feel very comfortable and relaxed. She answered all of my questions
and I never felt rushed. I would recommend her completely!

I am so thankful that I found Camille when I did. I had two babies 16 months apart and experienced a lot of pelvic girdle pain with my second child that began in my second trimester and continued on in the postpartum months. I tried several different types of therapy before I started going to Camille, but nothing fully relieved my discomfort, and I was unable to run or do any of the other sports that I enjoyed before having children. I was physically run down and mentally discouraged from dealing with constant achiness and soreness. Camille was so thorough, compassionate and knowledgeable. She made me feel completely comfortable during the whole process. She helped me restore proper body mechanics by correcting my posture and finding the right exercises I needed to regain strength where I needed it. I am so excited because I am running again and feel strong and healthy. The best part is that I can be an active mom with my boys without pain. I can’t say thanks enough to Camille.

Camille has helped me multiple times, including related to two pregnancies. She is compassionate, attentive and kind. Highly recommend her to any woman needing support, practical guidance and expertise!

Camille F was both professional and caring as my Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist. Camille has a great bed side manner as many healthcare professionals have forgotten the importance of having this trait. When I went to Camille, I was at a pain level of 8, on the 1-10 pain scale. When my therapy was complete I was pain free and Camille taught me self-care techniques. Camille is a master at her craft as a Pelvic Floor Physical Therapist.

I suffered with pelvic pain for 15+ years with no explanation other than it was “in my head” or a result of endometriosis. I finally went to an ob-gyn that sent me to physical therapy. There I met Camille who was so knowledgeable, compassionate and gentle. She made me realize I was normal and that I could be helped. Just 2 months later I was pain free! It’s amazing that something so simple was able to take away years of pain. I’m so thankful!

I had the pleasure of being treated by Camille. She was compassionate and patient with me while treating my challenging condition. Camille actually listened to my concerns and demonstrated that she wanted the best possible recovery for me. She treated me as gently as possible while mobilizing my painful abdominal and pelvic adhesions. She provided pain control techniques after the treatment sessions and instructed me in new mobility patterns that I used during the day which helped to prevent further pelvic injury. I feel blessed to have received her professional care and guidance. I am significantly better and have gained pain free mobility throughout my day because of her assistance and knowledge.

No one recommended physical therapy after my breast cancer treatments. I didn’t want to bother my doctor about the pain along my mastectomy scar and in my shoulder. After I was finally sent to therapy, I regained motion in my shoulder and my pain improved enough so I could return to playing golf!