If you are pregnant and want to learn how to stay active, keep those achy pains away and learn ways to stay strong safely during your pregnancy, then The Bump Club is for you! This is more than just an exercise group. We want to be a support group for Moms during one of the most exciting times of their lives!

While pregnancy can be a joyful time, it can also be a little overwhelming in regards to knowing certain things..

  • How much can I exercise during my pregnancy while keeping my baby safe?
  • Can I continue to do strengthening exercises throughout my pregnancy?
  • Do I need to watch my heart rate while doing cardio exercises?
  • In what ways will my body change while pregnant?
  • What is the best way to protect my core and pelvic core during pregnancy?

The Bump Club wants to empower Moms with the knowledge on how to have a safe pregnancy while giving you the information you need to make the right decisions for your body. The Club consists of a 6 week session, you choose to attend either one time or twice a week. The session includes circuit training focusing on cardio, flexibility and strength training. The group will remain small, no more than 6 at a time so individual needs can still be addressed. Exercises will also be given to complete at home. 

Learning safe but effective exercises are just one part of being in the Bump Club. A number of topics will be presented each week to further educate Moms about their changing body while giving them further tips on how to have a healthy pregnancy, even into delivery and the postpartum phase. 

Each six week session includes topics on:

Week 1   Benefits of exercise during pregnancy, red flags, changes to your body, ACOG guidelines, importance of breathing and posture during exercise

Week 2    Diastasis recti, core and pelvic floor anatomy

Week 3    Pelvic organ prolapse, incontinence, modifying exercises as needed during pregnancy

Week 4    Nutrition, common pelvic girdle pains, low back pain

Week 5    Labor positions to decrease risk of tearing or current pain considerations, perineal massage, scars and pain after delivery, relaxation tips during labor

Week 6    Recovery after baby comes home, nutrition, body mechanics including lifting baby, car seats, posture while breast feeding, recovery after c-section, importance of postpartum rehab

There are many online courses that offer similar programs, but I think nothing compares to meeting one on one with a women’s health Physical Therapist. We can look at your posture, body mechanics and life in general to make recommendations based on your specific needs. 

This has been a dream of mine for a long time, to offer classes where I can reach even more women and hopefully make a difference in this important part of their life. So many times I work with women whose babies are 6 months, 3 years of age or even 10 years old. The number one question I hear is “why didn’t anyone tell me there was help available?” Changes that happen to a woman’s body while pregnant and into the postpartum period are too many times dismissed as a “normal” part of entering motherhood. Whether its leakage with exercise, pain during intercourse, or dealing with pelvic organ prolapse, there IS help available, and no one should accept certain conditions as a normal way of life.

Hopefully by catering to Moms during their pregnancy journey we will be that much ahead of the game, so fewer Moms will be asking why they were never told there was help out there. My goal is to offer a supportive place for Moms where we can provide safe but effective exercise programs, give the education they need, as well as a little TLC in the mix.